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It's Good to See You Here.

The Feedback you share is important for us to continue providing you better.

It's no secret that feedback is an important component of effective learning.  Feedback improves learner confidence, motivation to learn and ultimately, a learner's attainment. 

We would be glad to hear from you, what do you feel is good about our service and what needs to be improved.

The form below, will allow us to learn about the gaps we face in customer satisfaction. 

(please keep an honest opinion)

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Your Feedback will help us to improve.
Your Overall Experience
Service Taken
How would you rate the courtesy and Knowledge of the technician ?
Was the technician on time & following safety norms (like mask, sanitiser, gloves, single use syringe)
Would you recommend us to your friends & family?

Thanks for submitting!

We are keen to provide you with the best level of service and satisfaction. 



Sufal Kaushal
Head of Laboratory Operations

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